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  1. The lymphatic system maintains tissue homeostasis by transporting the excess fluid from the interstitium and ultimately returning it to the venous circulation against an adverse pressure gradient and gravitati...

    Authors: Ghazal Adeli Koudehi, Carlos Alejandro Silvera Delgado, Matthias Van Impe, Pieter Cornillie, Christophe Casteleyn, Christian Vanhove, Charlotte Debbaut and Patrick Segers
    Citation: Artery Research 2023 :38
  2. Endotheliopathy plays a role in the development of acute kidney and lung injury in COVID-19, probably due to inflammation, endothelial permeability, vascular leakage and edema formation. This study examined al...

    Authors: Carolien Volleman, Roselique Ibelings, Alexander P. J. Vlaar and Charissa E. van den Brom
    Citation: Artery Research 2023 29:36
  3. Previous studies explored multifactorial interactions and sirtuin expression in the aortic cells of laboratory rodents and humans. Human studies were limited due to the availability of biological material excl...

    Authors: Jan Krekora, Oliwia Matuszewska-Brycht, Julia Sołek, Wojciech Fendler, Jolanta Fryczak, Piotr Stępiński, Michał Krejca, Agnieszka Siejka, Arkadiusz Retwiński, Piotr Merks, Daria Kaczmarek and Jarosław Drożdż
    Citation: Artery Research 2023 29:35
  4. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) manifested as reduced GFR and/or albuminuria, has been known to accelerate arterial stiffness and early vascular aging (EVA). Diabetes, hypertension, and glomerular disorders are t...

    Authors: Ori Lencovsky, Avital Angel-Korman, Erick Glasswine, Rotem Tal-Ben Ishay, Mor Amital, Olga Kukuy and Adi Leiba
    Citation: Artery Research 2023 29:34
  5. Perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT) in obesity critically contributes to vascular dysfunction, which might be restored by long-term exercise. Protein kinase B/nitric oxide synthase/nitric oxide (Akt/eNOS/NO) do...

    Authors: Chaoge Wang, Jie Zhou, Dongdong Gao, Yarong Wang, Lianmeng Guo, Wenhao Liang, Niujin Shi, Ran Cheng, Han Wang, Junhao Huang, Jingwen Liao and Min Hu
    Citation: Artery Research 2023 29:32
  6. Whether antiphospholipid antibodies (aPLs) cause atherosclerosis in certain arteries with specific compositions and locations remains unknown. We investigated the relationship between aPLs and their associatio...

    Authors: Jong Kwon Park and Jisook Yi
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 29:26
  7. Wall stiffness of the abdominal aorta is an important factor in the cardiovascular risk assessment. We investigated abdominal aortic wall stiffness divided in direct and cross-coupled stiffness components with...

    Authors: Jerker Karlsson, Jonas Stålhand, Carl-Johan Carlhäll, Toste Länne and Jan Engvall
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:22
  8. Haemodynamic assessment in and before pregnancy is becoming increasingly important in relation to pregnancy complications and outcomes. Different methodologies exist but there is no gold-standard technique for...

    Authors: Raj-Kamael Jaspal, Mae Allen, Jerome Cornette, Dimitris Rizopoulos and Christoph Lees
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:19

    The Correction to this article has been published in Artery Research 2022 28:s44200-022-00021-1

  9. Previous studies have reported a sympatholytic action of estrogen on the vasculature in response to increased sympathetic outflow, an effect most notable during exercise, providing for necessary increases in b...

    Authors: Robert M. Restaino, Kenwyn Cradock and Matthew A. Barlow
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:17
  10. Medical devices are subject to strict regulatory and approval processes to enter the market and to be used by operators and patients. These are needed to guarantee the users’ safety. The different activities o...

    Authors: Elisabetta Bianchini and Christopher Clemens Mayer
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:14
  11. Abdominal aortic aneurysms are a common condition of uncertain pathogenesis that can rupture if left untreated. Current recommended thresholds for planned repair are empirical and based entirely on diameter. I...

    Authors: Martin Hossack, Robert Fisher, Francesco Torella, Jillian Madine, Mark Field and Riaz Akhtar
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:11
  12. Frailty is a condition characterized by a state of reduced physiological reserve and increased vulnerability to stressors. Frail individuals have a higher likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD)....

    Authors: Wonil Park, Jaesung Lee, Hun-Young Park, Saejong Park and Jonghoon Park
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:12
  13. Antares is an algorithm for oscillometric blood pressure (BP) monitors to determine aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV) solely using oscillometric pulse waves without dependence of any other input. The aim of thi...

    Authors: Johannes Baulmann, Marcus Dörr, Elisabeth Genzel, Alexander Stäuber, Stefan Richter, Marc-Alexander Ohlow and Siegfried Eckert
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:9
  14. The association between cerebrovascular disease and cognitive impairment is well known, but the impact of lower extremity arterial disease (LEAD) on neuropsychological performance is less established.

    Authors: Agnieszka Turowicz, Alina Czapiga, Maciej Malinowski, Tadeusz Dorobisz, Bartłomiej Czapla and Dariusz Janczak
    Citation: Artery Research 2022 28:10
  15. To explore the influencing factors for complication with aneurysm rupture of the fetal posterior communicating artery after clipping through the lateral supraorbital (LSO) approach and prognosis.

    Authors: Yunxiang Chen, Yurong Cai, Huahui Chen, Xiafeng Lin, Gezhi Zhou, Jianlie Yuan and Yuejun Fan
    Citation: Artery Research 2021 27:7
  16. Nonalcoholic fatty fiver disease (NAFLD) is a metabolic liver injury closely related to insulin resistance. Fatty liver index (FLI) can be used as a surrogate marker and is a validated index for NAFLD. This st...

    Authors: Yueliang Hu, Huijuan Chao, Jiehui Zhao, Qian Wang, Biwen Tang, Isabella Tan, Mark Butlin, Alberto Avolio, Peizhan Chen and Junli Zuo
    Citation: Artery Research 2021 27:3
  17. Internal carotid artery (ICA), the main artery of the brain, passes through the cavernous sinus (CS) which forms one of these venous pools. During this transition, while there is arterial blood in the lumen of...

    Authors: Mehmet Deniz Yener, Tuncay Colak, Belgin Bamac, Ahmet Ozturk, Selenay Humeyra Rencber and Yusufhan Yazir
    Citation: Artery Research 2021 27:5
  18. To assess biomarkers between symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, and to construct a classification and regression tree (CART) algorithm for their discrimination.

    Authors: Aikaterini Trikouraki, Dido Yova, Abraham Pouliakis, Aris Spathis, Konstantinos G. Moulakakis and Georgios Matsopoulos
    Citation: Artery Research 2021 27:4
  19. Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a heart disease with a high mortality rate. Recently, more and more evidence illustrated that microRNAs (miRNA) participated in regulating the occurrence of heart disease. This...

    Authors: Yong Zhang, Zhen Zhang and Aiyuan Zhang
    Citation: Artery Research 2021 27:2
  20. Microsurgical clipping is effective for treating early rupture hemorrhage in intracranial aneurysm (IA) patients. We aimed to evaluate the therapeutic effects of microsurgical clipping at different time points...

    Authors: Ge Huang, Yang Sun, Jinhong Li, Zhengyuan Xie and Xiaoguang Tong
    Citation: Artery Research 2021 27:1

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