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P62 Estimation of Wave Intensity in Humans Using only Pressure Waveforms and Reservoir Analysis



Measurement of wave intensity (WI) requires simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous measurement of pressure and flow limiting its use. Previous work in dogs [1] and humans [2] has shown that the excess pressure waveforms calculated using reservoir analysis correspond closely with aortic flow waveforms. This offers a potential method to estimate WI using only pressure waveforms (pWI). We investigated the feasibility of this approach and agreement with established methods.


262 participants (68.3 (SD = 5.5); 74% male) without aortic stenosis or heart failure were recruited from a UK-based longitudinal study, Southall and Brent Revisited. Central pressure waveforms, aortic flow velocity and carotid WI were measured using tonometry (Sphygmocor, AtCor), echocardiography (iE33, Philips) and ultrasonography (SSD-5500, Aloka) respectively. Reservoir analysis was performed as previously described [2] and excess pressure waveforms were calibrated to flow velocity assuming a peak velocity of 1 m/s. Method agreement was assessed as mean difference (MD), limits of agreement (LOA) and concordance coefficient (CC).


Analysis failed in 9 individuals; results for those with analysable data are shown in Table 1. Aortic pWI was higher than aortic WI but showed good concordance (logW1: MD(LOA) = −0.41(−0.73, −0.09) CC = 0.7; logW2: MD(LOA) = −0.41 (−0.73, −0.09); CC = 0.7). Agreement of pWI with carotid WI showed no bias and concordance was fair to poor (logW1: MD (LOA) = −0.16 (−1.30, 0.99) CC = 0.3; logW2: MD (LOA) = −0.02 (−1.23, 1.2); CC = 0.1).


Estimation of aortic WI from pressure waveforms using reservoir analysis is feasible.

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  1. Wang, et al. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2003;284:H1358–H68.

  2. Michail, et al. Physiol Meas 2018;39:064006.

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