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P.052 Blood Pressure and Large Arterial Elastic Properties. Benefit of Betaxolol in Hypertension


Background and Aim

Large artery damage is a major contributory factor to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality of patients with hypertension. As shown ASCOT and other study, beta-blockers appear to be less effective than other drugs in improving outcome in hypertensive patients, and a potential explanation may be that beta-blockers are less effective in reducing arterial stiffness. However, the aim of this study was to prove otherwise while assessing the direct effect of cardioselective beta-adrenoblocker betaxolol (Lokren) on arterial distensibility in patients with mild, moderate and severe hypertension.

Materials and Methods

50 hypertensive patients (mean age 54.7±14.3 years, 28 male, 32 female) received betaxolol in individual titrated doses 10–40 mg (mean dose 14.7±6.8mg) daily for 3 months. The examination comprised routine tests, ECG, blood glucose, total cholesterol, triglycerides. The assessment of arterial stiffness was done by way of measuring brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV). Systemic arterial compliance was estimated through brachial Augmentation Index (AIb), Endothelial function was calculated based on flow-mediated dilatation (FMD) parameters.


The treatment produced a significant reduction in systolic (–27.2 mmHg) and diastolic BP (–12.3 mmHg). No fluctuation of AIbwas monitored which should be attributed to the pulse decrease from 74.3 to 60.6 beats/min (p < 0.001). Significant decrease of baPWV (by 8.1%) and increase of FMD (by 10.9%) was observed. There was an insignificant rise in the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose. Betaxolol has been well tolerated in most patients.


These results demonstrate that betaxolol increases arterial distensibility. This effect of betaxolol should be attributed to BP lowering and endothelial function improvement.

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