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P.022 Validity of the Tensioclinic Device to Measure Arterial Stiffness in Patients on Hemodialysis


Assessment of arterial stiffness in dialysis patients has prognostic significance. The TensioClinic device uses oscillometrically obtained wave forms to calculate pulse wave velocity (PWV) and augmentation index (AI). Our objective was assess the validity of measurements of TensioClinic (PWVT, AIT) compared to that of the validated PulsePen tonometer (PWVP, AIP).

We measured PWV and AIx in duplicate, before and after hemodialysis, in 94 hemodialysis patients. Reliability of a given device was assessed by calculating the standard deviation of the difference (SDD) between the first and second measurement. Validity of TensioClinic was evaluated by comparing its results to that obtained by the PulsePen device, using correlation analysis and Bland-Altman plots.

Predialysis SDD for PWVP and PWVT were –0.03±0.94 m/s and 0.51±1.35 m/s, postdialysis PWVP and PWVT SDD-s were 0.09±1.419 m/s and 0.07±1.81 m/s, respectively. Pre- and postdialysis SDD for AIP and AIT were 0.87±5.49% and 1.81±8.74%, and 0.79±4.01% and 3.54±22.69%. Mean predialysis PWVPwas 10.95±2.89 m/s and PWVT 9.97±2.36 m/s. Postdialysis PWVP was 11.59±2.92 m/s and PWVT 10.37±3.24 m/s. Significant correlation was found between predialysis PWVP and PWVT (r = 0.28, p < 0.05). After dialysis the correlation was not significant (r = 0.16). Mean predialysis AIP was 23.32±12.27% and AIT 2.17±26.4%. Postdialysis AIP and AIT were 22.01±12.54% and –4.36±37.81%, respectively. Significant correlation was found between pre- and postdialysis AIP and AIT, r = 0.40 and 0.26, respectively.

PWV and AI measurements with PulsePen are more reproducible compared to TensioClinic. Poor correlation between the results obtained by the two devices may limit the use of TensioClinic in hemodialysis patients.

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