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04.04 Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index (AASI) Predicts Stroke in a General Population



The ambulatory arterial stiffness index (AASI), defined as one minus the regression slope of diastolic on systolic blood pressure in individual subjects, can be computed from 24-h ambulatory blood pressure recordings and predicted stroke in a large cohort of referred patients.


We investigated the prognostic value of AASI and 24-h pulse pressure (PP) in a sex- and age-stratified random sample of 1829 Danes, aged 40–70 years. We used Cox regression to adjust for sex, age, body mass index, mean arterial pressure, smoking, diabetes mellitus, and a history of cardiovascular disease. We also adjusted AASI for PP and vice versa.


Over a median follow-up of 9.4 years, the incidence of fatal and nonfatal endpoints amounted to 40 for stroke, 150 for coronary heart disease, and 212 for cardiovascular events. In fully adjusted models, the relative hazard ratios associated with a 1 SD increase (0.14 units) in AASI were 1.61 (95% confidence interval, 1.14 to 2.27; P = 0.007) for stroke, 0.94 (0.78 to 1.12; P = 0.46) for coronary heart disease, and 1.04 (0.89 to 1.20; P = 0.64) for cardiovascular events. For PP, none of the fully adjusted ratios reached significance (P > 0.45). AASI still predicted stroke after excluding subjects with previous cardiovascular disease or after adjustment for systolic blood pressure instead of mean arterial pressure.


In middle-aged and older individuals randomly recruited from a European population, AASI was a strong predictor of stroke over and beyond traditional cardiovascular risk factors, including mean arterial pressure and PP.

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Hansen, T.W., Staessen, J.A., Torp-Pedersen, C. et al. 04.04 Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Index (AASI) Predicts Stroke in a General Population. Artery Res 1 (Suppl 1), S25 (2006).

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