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P10.15 The Relation Between Hypertension and Different Demographic Data Among Hypertensive Sudanese Patients


According WHO data April 2011Hypertension Deaths in Sudan reached 12,281 of total deaths. The age adjusted Death Rate is 67.67 per 100,000 of population and ranks Sudan#17 in the world.


aimed to detect the relation between hypertension and certain demographic data in Sudanese hypertensive patients.


Data was collected from 222 hypertensive patients via structured questionnaire and analyzed using SPSS.


males are more than females(males 66.2% ). The most affected age group was 41- 60(61.1%). The most affected geographical area North(62.3%) followed by the East(23.9%), and the least affected region was found to be the South(6.6 %). Married subjects were more than singles( 89.2%)of the total study population, study doesn’t denote whether the diagnosis of hypertension was made before or after marriage. 93.2% of the study sample lived with their families. The study revealed that only 71.6%of the study sample had good compliance to treatment, patients with negative family history (who constituted 28.4%)showed better compliance to treatment and scheduled follow up visits(78.04%of the patients with negative family history) than those with positive family history where 67.8% of them showed better compliance. The study shows that married patients showed better levels of compliance 73.13% than single patients. patients originating from the north showed better compliance (70.45%) than those living in other regions of the Sudan. Disregard to origin most patients lived in desert environments 97.67% of those originating from the North and (66.66%)of these originating from the East).


Patients originating from the East showed lower compliance and therefore must be targeted for health to increase awareness

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