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P10.14 Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity is an Independent Cardiovascular Event Predictor in High Cardiometabolic Risk Group



The aim was to assess if arterial stiffness, indexed as aortic pulse wave velocity (PWV), is a viable CVD risk prediction variable in high cardiometabolic risk population.

Methods and results

We studied 4259 high-risk patients ( 36.2% male), on average having 3,49±1,05 metabolic syndrome components(18% having 5), as per NCEP ATPIII criteria. Starting from 2007, patients were observed and investigated in a single specialized cardiology center. The outcome follow-up was performed using national death registry and national healthcare fund database. CVD events during the follow-up included fatal or nonfatal myocardial infarction (MI) or stroke. Mean age of the study population was 54,13±6,23 with no significant difference between the event free group(EFG) vs. the event group(EG) with at least one CVD event(n= 129) during the follow-up, which was 1389,3±625,73 days. Comparing the two groups, aortic PWV was 8,8±1,6(EFG) vs. 9,41±2(EG), p<0.001, mean aortic pulse pressure(Ao_PP)43,28±11,02(EFG) vs. 46,25±12,32(EG), p=0.003, mean aortic blood pressure(MeanBP_Ao) 106,69±12,45(EFG) vs. 111,07±16,6(EG), p<0.001.

In logistic regression model, aortic PWV remained a strong independent CVD event predictor. Odds ratio (OR) for CV event is 1.387(95% CI 1,182; 1,627, p<0,001). Comparing cumulative proportion survival rate between the 3rd vs. 1st tertile(PWV <8m/s vs. PWV >=9.3m/s) of aortic PWV the OR for CVD event was 1,748 (95% CI 1,135; 2,691, p=0,011).


Aortic PWV remained a strong CVD event predictor in univariate as well as multivariate stepwise logistic regression models. Survival analysis confirmed it as a viable CVD prediction indicator, to be considered including it into widely used CVD risk assessment tools, especially for high CVD risk group.

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