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P10.12 Aortic Stiffness is an Independent Determinant of Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction in Metabolic Syndrome Patients



Of this study was to evaluate the relationship of arterial stiffness and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction(LVDD) in metabolic syndrome(MetS) patients.


A cross-sectional study was carried among 1208 MetS subjects (aged 54±6, 65% women, 92% hypertensive). According to the heart ultrasound findings, patients were divided into three groups: with relaxation abnormalities (GR1, n=406, LV end-diastolic diameter(LVdd) 5.02±0.49cm), with pseudonormalisation (GR2, n=713, LVdd 5.09±0.5cm) and without LVDD (LVDD-, n=89, LVdd 4.95±0.43cm). Arterial stiffness parameters (carotid to femoral pulse wave velocity (cfPW) and aortic augmentation index (AIxHR75) were assessed by applanation tonometry.


In comparison to LVDD- patients, LVDD+ patients were older (55±6vs 51±6), had higher cfPWV (GR1 8.9±1.66, GR2 8.77±1.57vs 7.9±1.34m/s), AIxHR75 (GR1 25.5±10.42; GR2 24.7±10.2vs 19,7±10), mean arterial pressure(MAP) (GR1 108±12.7; GR2 107.6±12.2vs 101±10mmHg), mean carotid intima-media thickness(IMTmean) (GR1 0,651±0,098; GR2 0,656 ±0,107vs. 0,619±0.09mm), heart rate (LVDD+ 66±10vs. 61±9bpm), left ventricular mass index(LVMI) (LVDD+ 109±24vs. 97,1±22g/m2), body mass index(BMI) (LVDD+ 32±5vs 30±4 kg/m2, all p<0.05).

We found significant correlations between arterial stiffness and diastolic function parameters, such as ratio of early to late transmitral pulse Doppler velocities(E/A) (rcfPWV=−0.19, rAIxHR75=−0.15, p<0.05), early diastolic mitral annular velocity(E’) (rcfPWV=−0.25, rAIxHR75=−0.18, p<0.05), and E/E’ ratio (rcfPWV=0.17, rAIxHR75=0.14, p<0.05). In multiple regression analysis, gender, MAP, LVMI, heart rate and cfPWV remained significant determinants of E/E’parameter, explaining 18% of its variability(p<0.05).


Carotid to femoral pulse wave velocity, an index of aortic stiffness, is a significant and independent determinant of the LVDD in subjects with metabolic syndrome.

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