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P10.7 Characteristics of Central Haemodynamics Among Nigerians: Result of a Pilot Study



Central haemodynamics measured as central pulse pressure (CPP), augmentation pressure (AP) and augmentation index (Aix) have independent predictive value for cardiovascular events and mortality. There is no previous report on the properties of central arteries of healthy Nigerians.


To determine the clinical characteristics of central haemodynamics among Nigerians.


In the framework of the ongoing Nigerian Population Research on Environment, Gene and Health (NIPREGH), we measured CPP, AP and Augmentation index adjusted to a heart rate of 75 beats/min (Aix@ 75) by applanation tonometry of the radial artery using SphygmoCor device.


NIPREGH pilot population included 295 participants (47.1% women, mean age 40.6 years).Women as compared to men had higher AP(6.92 vs 4.35mmHg; p<0.0001), higher Aix@ 75(18.96 vs 10.04; p<0.0001) but similar CPP(30.65 vs 29.97mmHg; p>0.05).All arterial measurements increases with age. After adjustment for cofounding variables, AP increases less with age in men (p<0.05) than women whereas the relation of CPP (p >0.87) and Aix@75 (p> 0.07) were similar in both sexes.


Obtained parameters provide preliminary insights into the properties of aorta in a healthy population of Black Africans of Nigerian origin.

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Odili, A., Abdullahi, B., Ameh, V. et al. P10.7 Characteristics of Central Haemodynamics Among Nigerians: Result of a Pilot Study. Artery Res 8, 159 (2014).

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