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P8.13 A 1-D Model of the Systemic Arterial Tree in Mice


Cardiovascular diseases are often studied at a pre-clinical stage using dedicated mouse models. However, (non-)invasive measurements in the murine cardiovascular system are difficult to obtain, limited to a restricted number of aortic locations, and need to be justified from an ethical perspective. In this work we present a 1-D model of the systemic circulation in mice. Murine arterial tree dimensions have been acquired and averaged from the segmentation of Micro-Computed Tomography (µ-CT) scans of 3 wild-type C57Bl/6 mice (12–15 weeks old). The resulting geometry consists of 85 arterial segments, including all major aortic branches as well as the tail and the cerebral tree. The remaining input to the model has been obtained from a wide range of literature data. An empirical relationship has been fitted to estimate the local arterial wall distensibility in all segments. Peripheral vessels are terminated with three-element windkessel models to account for the resistance and compliance of the distal vasculature. The integrated form of the momentum and continuity equations is solved numerically to yield pressures and flows throughout the arterial network. The model predicts pressure and velocity waveforms in good qualitative and semi-quantitative agreement with invasive pressure measurements as well as high-frequency ultrasound Pulsed-Wave Doppler aortic velocity and M-mode aortic distensibility measurements. In conclusion, a well-tuned and appropriately validated 1-D model for the murine cardiovascular system has been developed, which is ready to serve as a versatile study tool in the field of pre-clinical cardiovascular research.

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Aslanidou, L., Trachet, B., Reymond, P. et al. P8.13 A 1-D Model of the Systemic Arterial Tree in Mice. Artery Res 8, 154 (2014).

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