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P8.8 Apelin/APJ Receptor System Involvement in Obesity-Related Vascular Reactivity Changes



Obesity associated changes of vascular reactivity could be related to inadequate secretion of adipokines. Apelin is an adipokine with cardiovascular, endocrine and metabolic actions. We aimed to investigate the possible modulator actions of apelin on obesity induced changes of vascular reactivity.


Obese prone (OP-CD) rats and obese resistant (OR-CD) rats were fed high-fat diets. After 4 weeks the pulmonary and mesenteric arteries were used to comparatively analyse the contractile (induced by phenylephrine - Phe) and relaxant (induced by acetylcholine ACh) responses. Localization of apelin and its APJ receptor was determined using immunohistochemistry.


The Phe -induced contraction was amplified on PA and ACh -induced relaxation was reduced on both PA (with 62%) and MA (with almost a half) in OP-CD as compare with OR-CD. Pre-treatment with apelin 13 (AP13) improve ACh effect on PA rings form OP-CD. Administration of apelin-13(F13A) receptor antagonist increase the Emax of Phe MA from OP-CD (with 26%) and decreased the ACh effect on all rings from both OP-CD and OR-CD rats. IHC demonstrate a decrease of apelin on PA endothelium but no differences on MA for either AP or APJ receptor.

In conclusion, the apelin/APJ peptidergic system could be involved in obesity related reactivity alteration of arteries from both pulmonary and systemic circulation.

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Gurzu, I., Zugun-Eloaie, F. & Gurzu, B. P8.8 Apelin/APJ Receptor System Involvement in Obesity-Related Vascular Reactivity Changes. Artery Res 8, 153 (2014).

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