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P8.1 Feasibility of 24-Hour Central Blood Pressure Measurements—The ISAR Hemodialysis Study



Calculation of central blood pressure (BP) values using oscillometric systems at brachial level obtain feasible office values, but also allow a 24-hour determination of 24-hour central BP. We were interested in the feasibility of the determination of 24-hour central BP measurements in end-stage renal disease patients.


In the ISAR hemodialysis study 556 chronic hemodialysis patients were investigated. 24-hour central BP was measured using the mobil-o-graph (IEM, Germany). Measurement started after a short dialysis interval prior to dialysis and lasted for 24-hours. In a preliminary analysis we describe the results of the first 327 patients with respect to feasibility of central BP measurements.


The mean age of the patients was 65.0±15.1 years. 224 patients were male (69%), 103 patients were female (31%). Out ofIn these 327 patients 16.948 measurements were performed, reflecting an average of 52 measurements per patient. The mean number of measurements was >70% for the whole cohort. Out of the 16.948 measurements 13.069 measurements had a “high quality” and 3.879 had an “acceptable” quality” reflecting a ratio of 3.4. In younger patients <40 years more “high quality” measurements were present (ratio 9.8). This ratio reduced with age (2.6).


We examined the feasibility of 24-hour central BP measurement in chronic hemodialysis patients. With >70% performed central BP measurement throughout the 24-hours period this method offers acceptable results for further investigation. The role of different qualities of the determined central measurement needs further investigation especially whether quality of measurements plays a role in the prediction of cardiovascular events.

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