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P7.10 Pre-Treatment Aortic Pulse Pressure as a Possible Predictor of Future Visit-To-Visit Systolic Blood Pressure Variability



Visit-to-visit systolic blood pressure variability (SBPV) in treated hypertensive patients may have impact on prognosis and it stimulates searching for its predictors. The aim of the study was to evaluate SBPV and its predictors in patients with controlled AH.


52 pts(20 men, age58,9±9,0yrs;4 smokers;6 diabetics) with uncomplicated AH were treated to target BP<140/90mmHg with combination of RAAS-inhibitor and amlodipine for 1yr. Baseline BP was 163,4±8,1/100,9±4,2mmHg; achieved-123,7±9,7/76,8±6,7mmHg. SBPV was calculated as SD for 5 visits during 8 months after target BP achievement. Central BP and pulse wave velocity (PWV) were measured before treatment initiation and at the end of the study. p<0,05 was considered significant.


SBPV after achievement of target BP varied from 1,79 mmHg to 16,79 mmHg (tertile I < 5,38; II 5,38 – 7,78; III > 7,78 mmHg). The groups were similar by age (I 56,6±8,94, II 59,4±9, III 60,7±9,1 yrs, p>0,05), gender, metabolic risk factors, baseline and achieved BP. Higher SBPV was associated with higher baseline central PP: for tertI 47,2±10,6, tertII 55,6±11, tertIII 51,1±11,5 mmHg (p<0,05 vs tertI). Number of patients with baseline central PP>50 mmHg was higher in the tertII(76,5%vs50% in tertII and 41%in tertI, Pearson’s χ2=2,1;p<0,05) No significant difference was found for Aix@75HR(23,3±11,2 vs 23,2±13,4 vs 25,5±9,1% for corresponding tertiles,p>0,05) and PWV(13±1,6 vs14,2±2,2 vs12,9±1,8 m/s). No correlation was found between SBPV and any other characteristics, including baseline central PP.


Association between baseline central PP and SBPV after achievement of target BP confirms the role of arterial stiffness as predictor of BP variability.

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