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P5.14 Impact of Kidney Donation on Aortic Stiffness: A Feasibility Study



Aortic pulse wave velocity (aPWV) is an important determinant of cardiovascular risk and predicts survival in patients on dialysis and other patient populations. Aortic stiffening is associated with a progressive decline in renal function whilst renal impairment results in accelerated aortic stiffening. However, existing studies are confounded by co-morbid illness. The aim of the current study was to better understand the impact of a reduction in renal function on aortic stiffness by examining blood pressure (BP) and aPWV in people undergoing donor nephrectomy, prior to, and 12 months following, donation.


48 living donors (20 male) were recruited over a 3 year period. The average age was 51±13 years and there were 3 current smokers. Glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) was estimated, and aortic stiffness assessed by measuring carotid-femoral (aortic) PWV.


As expected, eGFR fell from 85±18ml/min at baseline to 59±12ml/min, 12 months post-donation (P<0.001). Clinic BP was 123±15/79±9mmHg at baseline and 126±14/75±9mmHg, 12 months post-donation (P=0.09 and P<0.001 for systolic and diastolic BP, respectively). There was no change in aPWV from baseline, 12 months following donation (7.33±1.53m/s versus 7.35±1.1.58m/s, P=0.8).


These data demonstrate that it is feasible to recruit patients undergoing living-donor nephrectomy and to examine the effects on aortic stiffness up to 12 months following donation. Moreover, the results provide important data on which to base larger studies aimed at investigating longer-term effects of kidney donation on aortic stiffness and cardiovascular health.

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